Siskiyou Violins of Southern Oregon, World Class Violin Ensemble

If you have questions about our group or are interested in learning more about Siskiyou Violins please contact us!

Artistic Director: Faina Podolnaya
Assistant Director: Heidi Strahm

Board Members
Steve Godwin, President
Walter Haussner, Vice President
Doree Schaafsma Co-Treasurer
Sheri Sheibani, Co-Treasurer
Jennifer Janota, Secretary
Gabrielle Johnson, Student Liaison

Inquiries for any of us may be sent to:
Email: info(at_symbol)

Mailing Address:

Siskiyou Violins
PO Box 4546
Medford, OR 97501

If you wish to be notified of upcoming Siskiyou Violins' performances or activities or receive occasional news of our group, please send an email or letter with your email and/or mailing address and request to be added to our contact list. Thank you for supporting Siskiyou Violins!